About Us

Our Mission

My Maitó was founded with the intention of becoming an international brand dedicated to luxury hospitality that innovatively combines quality food, music, entertainment and art in exclusive locations from restaurants, beach clubs and even hotels.

Why Versilia

Golden beaches, rich Mediterranean vegetation, green hills covered with vines and olive groves, a hinterland dotted with villages, fortresses and medieval castles. Among the clouds, the imposing marble peaks of the Apuan Alps. This is “Versilia”, an area whose geographical and socio-cultural characteristics have always been synonymous with entertainment and fun, but also with culture, healthy living and relaxation. This is why My Maitó chose Versilia to launch its luxury lifestyle brand among the many beautiful locations of Italy.

Why Forte dei Marmi

Among the various locations in Versilia, Forte dei Marmi is the one that thanks to its exclusive restaurants and sophisticated shops has become one of the most exclusive and fashionable tourist destinations in the whole of Italy: bathing establishments that for decades have been home to some of Italy’s most important families; restaurants and clubs frequented by writers, artists, directors, and personalities from the world of sport and television; a succession of events ranging from the mundane to the cultural, as well as the ideal place for long walks or bicycle excursions.
And it is in this corner of Tuscan paradise that you can enjoy the My Maitó experience, discovering the many gastronomic offerings of our restaurants or sipping a refined cocktail in the lounge area of our Beach Club.