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concept of luxury
Tuscany - Forte dei Marmi

Discover the Maitó lifestyle

The My Maitó Group has a very specific aim: to guarantee the best of the best. Every stay at our restaurants or at the Beach Club is a unique experience, which only those who have experienced the Maitó lifestyle can describe in all its luxury.
From the glamorous and refined ambients of Maitó Beach Club and its restaurant to the genuine and traditional ones of Maitó 1960, with My Maitó fun and comfort are assured. The properties feature welcoming environments, a gastronomic selection to please every palate, memorable beach entertainment and exclusive personalised services.

Maitó dal 1960

The historic restaurant on the Forte dei Marmi beach, where tradition, hospitality and good food have been a must for over sixty years.

Maitó Beach

An exclusive Beach Club and a fashionable restaurant: with Maitó Beach every visit to the beach is a dream.

Maitó Viareggio

The new restaurant on the panoramic terrace of the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte for rediscovering traditional flavours and sensations.